Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that’s usually caused when body attacks its own insulin making cells which harm its ability to make insulin. Body sugar in the blood can not be moved into the cells to be used for energy , instead it will build us in the blood which could be very harmful and would lead to many complications.

1 diabetes usually occurs in children, young adults and teenagers.  It also can occurs in older adults. ONLY 5-10% of people has type 1 diabetes .

With no insulin or very little insulin type 1 diabetics or also known as insulin dependent will have to take daily insulin injections lifetime 24/7 , to control blood sugar levels as much as possible.

In summary, type 1 diabetes is not only a disease of childhood .  No one fully understand why it occurs in adults.  There’s nothing you could do to prevent it from happening.  You will have it for life , however it could be controlled with insulin, healthy eating and exercise.