Managing Diabetes with Healthy Eating

Managing Diabetes with Healthy Eating :

Meal Planing should be easy to follow and it’s very different from Weight Loss Diet Plans.
There’s no such thing as a “diabetes diet” in which you have to avoid foods you love.
Meal plan/Healthy Eating should include a wide verity of foods so you can get all the nutrients. You don’t have to avoid or stop eating any foods , however you may need to limit the amounts you eat and watch what, when and how much to eat .
Making smart decisions about serving sizes is the KEY.
Easiest way to follow a meal plan is to use a 9″ dinner plate.
Half of you plate should be non-starchy vegetables, a quarter of starches , and the other quarter should be healthy proteins. On the side you can add 1 choice of fruits.


Non starchy vegetables: green and leafy veggies .


Starchy vegetables : Peas, corn, Potatoes / Starch-Grains: Rice, Pasta , bread .

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Protein : Eggs , Chicken , Fish , Beef, Cheese.

In summary:
Please follow Portion size with starches because Carbs can rise your blood sugar , half of the meal should be non starchy veggies , and small portion of protein .

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