Diabetes and Regular Physical Activity

Diabetes and Regular Physical Activity
It’s very important for diabetics to improve their physical activities to lower blood sugar levels , improve energy level, better heart health and most importantly it might reduce the need of using diabetic medications because it helps the body use insulin better. Plan your Activities: Please discuss with your doctor what kind of activities would be best for you, then pick activities you will enjoy . start slow with maybe 5 minutes exercise 5 times/week , and when you start feeling comfortable increase your exercise by 5 minutes everyday (take the stairs instead of the
elevator). Set easy goals in the beginning because reaching your goals will give you motivation to stay active.
Over all just do the type of activities that you like whether its walking with friends in the park, dancing, walking in the mall , yoga …..etc.


As a diabetic you would want to be careful with your Activities.
Please check blood sugar before & after exercise , avoid activities if you’re not feeling well, carry a fast acting carbs in case of a low blood sugar (for example orange juice), try to do your activities with friends. In Summary your daily exercise would be your great path to live a healthy life style with 7 with out diabetes, it will help you reach your weight management goal & boost up your energy level. It will also help strengthen bones and muscles. exercise to relieve stress.

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